Chieftek Precision Co., Ltd., or briefly cpc was found in 1998. The Company headquarter is located in Taiwan, but has a very strong European culture. It has the cooperation of highly qualified team of managers, engineers and technicians, deeply committed in R&D and manufacturing of high quality components for linear guides and motors with focus on long term reliability products.

The result of this intense work is represented by the ranges of product dedicated to the different application sectors from miniature linear guides for semiconductors industry and electronic in general, to the linear guide for automated system in general or for high demanding applications as for the machine tool sector, assuring always high standard of rigidity and accuracy.

The range of product is completed by the linear motor guide series “ironless” and “ironcore” that offer the higher level of thrust density and most compactness. The dedicated servo drive represents another mile stones that allows cpc to be a global supplier of mecathronics solutions for linear motion control.

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