MAC Technical activity: Design

Thanks to the contribution of highly qualified Engineers and Designers, MAC srl can provide a wide technical advice to develop products and technological solutions, suitable to face problems with high level of criticality, innovation and cost saving needs. MAC’s method consists in the following phases that could be required all in once or partially.

Our criteria for the development of the different stages of design

1st Step: Preliminary Analysis:
- Analysis of customer’s needse
- Data processing to define the project and customer’s confirmation

2nd Step: Design
- Feasibility study and comparison with competitor’s solutions
- Examination of the current and future manufacturing process
- Initial project
- Costs and competitive analysis
- Highlights of possible innovative and patentable solutions
- Evaluation reports and F.E.M. analysis (if necessary)
- Executive project in respect of regulation ISO/DIN and/or specifics

3rd Step: Prototype
- Manufacture of the prototype
- Functional tests for prototype’s validation. If necessary, development of dedicated systems and tests benches
- Longlife tests

4th Step: Documentation
- Hand user and maintenance manual
- Quality control specifications and quality control rules in manufacturing

5th Step: Production
- Study of specific manufacturing process and lay-out
- Advising and assistance for the choice of the new machines
- Manufacturing technologies – Manufacturing cycles – Study and realization of specifics equipments
- Assistance in the start up of manufacturing process.
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